Commodity Inspections

Our approach to testing, inspection and certification is not traditional. We listen to our customer's needs, understand their concerns and provide solutions to match. We focus on risk management methodologies and take preventative measures to be assured of the best possible outcomes. TCIS uses its vast knowledge, expertise and diverse networks to ensure that our customers reduce risks, ensure quality and improve productivity. Our main focus is on the following sectors.

Agricultural Products Inspections

TCIS offers technically customized cost effective solutions for agricultural products inspections. Our personnel monitor every critical point in the supply chain to cover all elements of control. As well as the close surveillance during inspection, we cover laboratory analysis, stock monitoring, audits, and consultancy.
Among inspected commodities are: wheat, barley, corn, unrefined vegetable oils (sunflower oil, rapeseed oil), peas, millet, sunflower seeds, rapeseeds, meals and cakes, raw sugar, white sugar, fertilizers.

Metals & Minerals Inspections

We reduce our customers risk with comprehensive inspection, sampling as per contract guidelines & close consistent monitoring of cargo and vessels. Laboratory testing, certification and stock monitoring are attended to as required .

TCIS offer a range of customized integrated solutions for client's steel product and minerals needs. We inspect and analyze products complying with relevant international steel standards including EN, ASTM, IP, API, USEPA, APHA, BS, USFDA, CCFRA, MPI, CODEX, IEC etc.
The list of inspected commodities includes: steel billets, steel sheets, steel coils, deformed bars (debars), steel wire, pig iron, ferroalloys, metal scrap, sulphur.

TCIS services for commodities include but are not limited to the below

  • Loading and discharge supervision operations
  • Vessel hatch/hold and tank Cleanliness inspection
  • Water tightness of hold/ hatch
  • Draft survey and tank gauging for weight
  • Supervision of weighing / tally control
  • Visual control and report on condition
  • Condition reporting of steel products as per American Rust Standards
  • Contractual sampling of AGRI products as per GAFTA / FOSFA / IFA /SAL ..etc Guidelines
  • Sample preparation of Minerals as per ASTM/ISO ..etc guidelines
  • Laboratory testing and analyses