Superintendence: wheat transhipment from coasters to mother vessel on roads

February 3, 2018

Supervision at transhipment of cargo of Russian Wheat (73 000 MT) from coasters loaded in Azov. Transhipment was carried out on Kavkaz roads in Kerch strait. Supervision was performed both during loading coasters in Azov and during trashipment of Wheat into mother vessel on roads.

Quality and Quantity inspection: Granular Urea in bulk and NK 21-21 in bulk

February 3, 2018

Quality and Quantity Inspection during loading of fertilizers GRANULAR UREA IN BULK and NK 21-21 on board the vessel.
Location: Port of Tuapse, Russia
Shipment size: about 36 000 MT

Scope of inspection included 24 hrs attendance during loading of fertilizers, visual inspection of the cargo loaded, draft survey, sampling throughout loading, samples preparation, laboratory testing  of fertilizers and  daily reporting.

Loading inspection: 35 000 mt of fertilizers loaded in Tuapse, Russia

August 31, 2017

Inspection during loading of fertilizers on board the vessel.
Location: Port of Tuapse, Russia

Scope included 24 hrs attendance during loading, visual inspection, draft survey, sampling throughout loading, samples preparation, laboratory testing and reporting.

Russian harvest update: 90.5 million metric tonnes of grain

August 31, 2017

The Ministry of Agriculture announced that as of 28th of August 2017, 90.5 million metric tonnes of grain were harvested from 25.3 million hectares (52.7% of area seeded) with an average yield of 3.58 mt/hectare. As of the same date last year Russia harvested 89.3 million metric tonnes of grain from 30.9 million hectares with an average yield of 2.89 mt/hectare.

The harvest included:

∙    64.8 million metric tonnes of wheat were harvested from 16.1 million hectares (57.7% of area seeded) with an average yield 4.03 mt/hectare.

Inspections of magnesium oxide, loading in Saint Petersburg, Russia

July 27, 2017

Cargo inspected during loading into ship's holds.
Cargo: magnesium oxide
Inspections are performed on regular basis in the port of St. Petersburg, Russia

Scope of inspection:

  • Preshipment inspection of the cargo
  • Inspection of ship's holds for cleanliness
  • Attendance during loading into ship's holds
  • Cargo condition examination (friable, without cakes, dry)
  • Cargo sampling
  • Chemical analysis
  • Inspection report issuance

Agricultural cargo survey: eliminate problems before loading

March 19, 2017

Nowadays, when hundreds of millions tons of agricultural commodities are traded around the world every year, it is essential to ensure that the supplied commodities are safe, of satisfactory quality and supplied in required quantity.

Inspection at discharge of raw sugar, Vladivostok (Russia)

February 14, 2017

The cargo of raw sugar was discharged from ship's holds into wagons in the port of Vladivostok. All the wagons were weighed under inspectors' control and the shore weight was established.

Inspection scope mainly consisted of the following:

Karnal Bunt of Wheat

February 6, 2017

Fungal disease of Wheat

Karnal bunt is a fungal disease of wheat, durum wheat, and triticale (a hybrid of wheat and rye). Typically, only a portion of the kernel is affected. Climatic conditions determine the extent of the disease. 

Impact of Karnal Bunt

Although the overall crop losses caused by Karnal bunt are not known to be severe, the disease has quarantine significance and thus impacts grain crops.

Stock Monitoring Services

February 6, 2017

Stock Monitoring Services description

Stock monitoring services are often provided by inspection companies, the goods monitored are usually grains and other agricultural commodities, metal products, metal scrap etc. Such services are often called SMA which stands for Stock Monitoring Agreement.

Vessel discharge inspection scope

February 1, 2017

Vessel discharge inspection. During discharge of grains (wheat, barley, corn and other Agri dry cargoes the attending inspectors must always be on alert and monitor discharging operations from beginning till the very end.

Vessel loading supervision. Inspection scope

February 1, 2017

It is very important to follow the agreed scope of inspection, to adhere to standards and to apply your skills and expertise. For example, when attending loading of grains (wheat, corn, barley etc...) an inspection company can use the below scope of work.

Forwarder's Certificate of Receipt confirmation

February 1, 2017

We are quite often asked by banks and financial institutions to confirm the presence / availability of the cargo stored under Forwarder's Certificate of Receipt. Such inspections imply visual examination of the cargo at the storage facilities and the documentary check.

Check out an example of Forwarder's Certificate of Receipt (issued on letterhead of the forwarding agent):

Inspection of hot rolled steel billets, port Odessa (Ukraine)

December 11, 2016

Scope: pre-shipment inspection, loading survey.