Cargo survey: loading inspections for corn cargoes loaded for export

December 29, 2019

International inspection company TCIS  (TCIS Vostok LLC (Russia)) since 2018 has been regularly inspecting loading of corn cargoes in the ports of Krasnodar region, Russia. Parcel sizes 50 000 - 60 000 mt.

Cargo: Russian corn


  • Holds inspection;
  • Attendance during cargo loading;
  • Cargo weighing verification;
  • Cargo sampling per Gafta 124 throughout loading operations;
  • Dockside testing for moisture, test weight, admixtures, damaged kernels, broken kernels (tests performed concurrently with loading for every 2 500 mt sublots);
  • Draft Survey
  • Daily reporting with photos
  • Final report, certificates issuance

The samples has been drawn uniformly and systematically concurrently with loading at the nearest and practicable point to the vessel in accordance with the GAFTA 124 Sampling rules